US plane crashes in Afghanistan, 12 dead

On October 1, the US Ministry of Defense informed that 12 people were killed when this country’s C-130 military transport aircraft crashed near Jalalabad city, Afghanistan.

US defense officials said that C-130 crashed near Jalalabad airport on October 1.  Currently, it is not clear how many people were on this plane.


Later, the US military confirmed that there are 10 people killed in the crash, including five officers and five military contractors, Reuters said. Fox News and NBC said that the number of people killed was 12.

“Currently, we haven’t defined causes of the accident and crew’s health condition and other people on board. We are investigating to get more information,” said Col. Brian Tribus.

C-130 is a medium transport aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin company. This is a strategic airlift aircraft of many military forces in the world.