US – China will frankly resolve disagreements

US President Barack Obama said that he and Mr. Xi Jinping will “frankly” resolve disagreements between the two countries after the official welcoming ceremony Chinese president at the White House.



When welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House, US President Barack Obama said that. Mr. Obama said that countries in the world will be more successful when their companies compete on a equal playing field.Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama perform ceremony at the White House. Photo: AFP

According to the head of the White House, if Washington and Beijing to work together, they will have “an immense strength” to forming process of the century “.

President Obama also said that his visit reflects the historical episode of “friendship and cooperation” between the two countries.

Xi said that US – China relation has developed for 4 decades “despite undergoing twists and tums”. Chinese leaders also agreed to “smooth the disagreements and differences” between the two countries.

The Chinese president said that the relation between Washington and Beijing has entered a new starting point. Although there are no choices, the two countries need to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation.

“The impact of the cooperation between the US and China will be bigger than anything. Bilateral relations between the two countries shall be determined by peace, respect and cooperation, “Xi said.

Mr. Obama and Xi are having a private discussion in the Oval Office after a speech at the welcoming ceremony. The two leaders spoke about the importance of collaboration. They took hands and smiled at guests attended in the ceremony, but they did not answer any question.