The world’s leading universities about medicine

  1. Harvard


Founded in 1782 with just three students, Harvard Medical University (HMS) has thousands strategic leaders of international influence in the field of medicine.There are 9 Nobel Prizes was awarded to 15 researchers of the school. One of the most recent Nobel Prize was awarded to Linda Buck in 2004.

  1.  Oxford University 

Oxford Medica University has won 16 Nobel Prizes, including the Nobel Prize in 1945 by Sir Howard Florey W, Sir Ernst Chain and Sir Alexander Fleming “for the discovery of penicillin and its healing effects for infectious diseases”

  1. Cambridge University 


A recent research published by the Cambridge University of Medicine is the production of a complete three-dimensional model of the structure of the HIV virus RNA signal package, which previously only solved in a narrow range due to limited technology. This study shows that this model can be used as a basis for the design of new anti-HIV drugs.

  1. Johns Hopkins university

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was founded in 1893, four years after Johns Hopkins Hospital was opened. Johns Hopkins university has won 19 Nobel prizes so far.

  1. Stanford

Stanford University School of Medicine   confirmed that there are four Nobel Prizes, including in science   and affiliates. A recently research has published, which includes creating proteins by biotechnology acts as a “molecular torch” allowing the outlines of the tumor is marked with high accuracy and identification of the parts to be treated with medication.

  1. Yale university

Yale university of Medicine was founded in 1810. It is the 6th oldest medical school in the US.


Dr George E Palade of the school, one of three winners of the Nobel Prize in 1974 “for their discoveries concerning the structure of the organization and function of cells.” Researchers at Yale University are considered as pioneers in the use of chemotherapy to treat cancer.