The most powerful weapons of Russia


Russia possesses the world’s most powerful weapons, including the main battle tank T-14 Armata, surface-to-air missile system S-300 long-range, stealthy fighter 5th generation Sukhoi PAK FA…


Sukhoi PAK FA fighter is also known under the name T-50, which is a stealth fighter of Russia, “successor” of the fighter lines MiG-29 and Su-27.


Equipped with 30-mm automatic gun and guided Vikhr missiles, attack helicopters Kamov Ka-52 Alligator super maneuverability, can fly backwards at a speed of 130 km / h and flight level  at speeds of 100 km / h.


With modern technology, casing can not be penetrated and is equipped with the powerful weapon, main battle tank T-14 Armata will become an indispensable weapon in the ground combat.


“Nuclear train” of Russia is called “railway missile fight complexes“, is a mobile system used to transport and launch nuclear missiles. Thanks to the ability to disguise as ordinary cargo vessels, nuclear ships are hard to detect and destroy.


Surface-to-air missile system S-300VM “Antey-2500” is designed to destroy ballistic missiles with short-range and medium-range within 2,500 km.


PANTSIR-S1 is a missile – Russian flak.This system is designed to destroy a variety of targets flying at heights from 5 m to 10 km and ranges from 200 m to 20 km.


Mi-8 is one of the helicopters line produced with a large amount in the world. It can be used for both civilian and military in targets.


Akula – nuclear submarines carrying ballistic missiles of Russia – is one of the largest submarines ever built. This is enough space for the crew living for several months.