Russian airstrikes in Syria against IS

In the first day, airstrikes against self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS), the Russian aircrafts attack in 3 locations in Syria and warned the US about an hour before the action.


Several hours after Congress passed, Russia joins anti IS by airstrikes in Syria, this country’s aircraft attacked a terrorist organization in Syria in three locations including the city of Rastan, Homs province and Hama. During the first day, the Russian fighter performed about 20 flights.


The spokeman of Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov confirmed that the country’s fighters attacked and destroyed at least eight goals of the IS, including the coordination center of rebel activity. “We try to avoid places civilian are living” he said.


The collapsed buildings and fires after Russian’s aircraft strikes in Homs province, in the central of Syria on Thursday, September 30.


The people of Syria quickly seek shelter while the Russian aircraft performing duties destroying IS rebels. However, locals in the first attack of Russia in Syria are not the large base of IS.


Russian fighter flied in the sky Hama province in Syria. At a meeting on September 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin, he insisted that the world must pull down IS forces in Syria. He also called on the countries participating in air campaign needs more solidarity to against IS.


Smoking rising after the bombing of Russian aircraft in Hama province. Moscow only informed Washington about the attack about an hour before it happened. In a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart John Kerry on October 1, the two sides agreed to hold military dialogues in order to avoid the risk of clashes between US and Russian forces.