Russia is coming back strongly on the international political arena

British and US press said that with the latest actions on the issue of Syria, it seems Russia is returning to its position as a leading political power in the world.

The views are expressed in the British newspaper Financial Times (FT) said that with the participation of Russia in the settlement of the Syrian conflict, the resolute actions as deployment of military equipment in this country shows a real fact is that Moscow has begun to return as a political powerhouse on the global level.


Recently, Moscow has put military advisers, technical experts and operational facilities, guaranteed to Syria. Russia’s determination expressed in the weapons, the best equipments of this country has been brought to the naval base of Tartus and Latakia airbase.

However, the presence of weapons and experts of Russia does not mean that Putin is ready to directly attack the IS, but it is essentially symbolic and more deterrent. As for Putin, the most important thing now is to prevent subversion Syria of US and the West.

The presence of Moscow is to prevent subversion of the government of President Bashar al-Assad and prevent the coalition of 60 countries of America cause of detrimental actions to the Syrian army.

On May 9, 2013, cruiser Moskva team includes leading edge Udaloy class destroyer Vice Almirante Kulakov Ivan Bubnov tanker and aborted visit to Venezuela, returning Gibralta Strait on the Mediterranean to protect Syria.


That is the main reason that Russia has suddenly become tougher in recent years, but terrorist organization “Islamic State”. The danger of IS is not enough to make Damascus government having in difficulties, but the main threat comes from the activities of the US-led coalition.

Also in view of FT, positive role in resolving issues in Syria help “change Putin’s image” in the West. Therefore, Putin remains the character that Washington should not be underestimated.

Financial Times also noted that the actions of Russia in Syria if no deliberation will “probably faced the risk”.

However, the British newspaper also acknowledged that at the same time, Moscow is enough to resolve many issues, from protecting of their military bases in the region and preventing the extremists in the North Caucasus to joining reconstruction Syria and expaning of Russia’s influence in the Middle East.