Russia after attacks IS in Syria

Russia has carried out a series of airstrikes on rebel positions ‘Islamic State’ (IS) claiming. But the US said that it was the area targeted by US insurgents.

In recent bombing campaign, the war engine of Russia, the United States ‘face’ each other. According to CBS, the aircraft have now separated by about 20 miles. Even the US aircraft could see Russian aircraft in the target camera.


Gen. Charles Brown – Commander of the US air campaign in Syria – said that he did not think that the American and Russian fighters will collide during combat.

However, according to many experts, many large risks can occur when the US-led coalition with a common warfare with Russia in the Syrian airspace.

Geopolitical expert Ian Bremmer comments: “Although the US and Russia to join the military dialogue” minimize the risk of collision ‘in any attack, the ability of the accident is still have – especially when in alliance with many members “.

“The America’s allies will ignore calls for Russia to avoid Syrian airspace, similar to Russia’s failure to heed the call of the US on the issue of President Assad,” – Mr. Bremmer said.

Business Insider said Russia was at issuing warnings to the US before the raid.

AP recently noted that ‘not many countries are conducting military attacks often do not understand each other, sometimes uncoordinated’, it is more likely to lead to ‘unintended conflict’.

Turkey, Australia, France and the US are aircraft operating in Syria.AP said Russia and the US to work together without the combat here.

US and Russia defense officials have exchanged on the ‘avoid collision’ operations in Syria, and these discussions are ongoing.