Recipes for maintaining health for spine

In everyday life, many of us have accidentally put more pressure on the spine. This would bring consequences later on.


Health experts said maintaining spinal curvature S-shaped while standing is extremely important. This is a conclusion drawn from the study of back pain, neck pain and spinal problems due to poor posture.The inaction exists for a long period can also cause spinal disorders.

Here are some tips to maintain health for spine that orthopedic surgeons have shared in World Spine Day last September 21.

Avoid sitting for a long time. After about 1-1.5 hours of sitting, let’s stand up and go in 10 minutes.

Always sit on the seat with backrest and support for your back. Sit deep into the chair. Hips are higher than the knee when you sit.

Seats not be too high to legs dangling in mid-air, foot must always touch the ground. The forearm should be placed on armrest of chair.

Do not squat on the floor and sat on the chair to maintain S-shaped spine.

Avoid lifting heavy objects because it can cause spinal injuries.

Avoid any sudden movements.

The cardio exercises also help maintain health for spine. Swimming is one of the best exercises.

The addition of vitamins is very important. You need to add calcium, vitamin D for strong bones. However, you also read introduction carefully before using the drug.