Opening UNs conference on sustainable development

On September 25, summit conference for sustainable development of the United Nations is opened at the organization’s headquarters in New York. The conference has participation of 193 delegations representing for 193 countries.


According to reporters of Vietnam News Agency ​​in New York (USA), on September 25, summit conference for sustainable development of the United Nations is opened at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. The conference has participation of many heads of state, prime minister, ministers, head of the national delegation of 193 UN’s members.

The delegations of Vietnam are lead by President Truong Tan Sang.

There are a large number of representatives in fields: science, finance, business, environmental activists and journalists.

After listening to the speech of Pope Francis, the delegates formally adopted Agenda Global Sustainable Development 2030, including 17 goals daring to gain three achievements “extraordinary” These are to end poverty, combat inequality situation and lawlessness, tackle climate change.

The program sets out the specific timelines as 800 weeks to complete cessation of the extreme poverty in all places on Earth; 800 weeks to help the 800 million people out of poverty there. In the next 15 years, governments and institutions will redouble development efforts to build a better future for all people on the planet for all nations to live in a collaborative environment, peace and prosperity.

Speaking at the conference, UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “Agenda for Sustainable Development is the promise of the leaders to the people of the world that all countries will join hands to build a better world. It is an agenda for the people, and to stop all forms of poverty. It is an agenda for shared prosperity, peace and cooperation, and action to combat climate change, an end to gender inequality and respect for human rights of all people. Above all, it is a commitment that no one is left behind”

UN Secretary-General concluded: “The commitment to the agenda in 2030 will be demonstrated by actions. We need action from everyone, from everywhere with 17 goals of sustainable development. They are a list of things to do for all people on earth, and that a draft of success. “The objective of sustainable development is based on new and proposed agenda’s goals UN conferences and Millennium Development Goals which were recorded wattage is successful in helping millions of people improve their lives. In the opening speech, UN Secretary-General Ban also confirmed the important achievements that the United Nations has achieved in 70 years.

According to Mr Ban Ki-moon, in the context of the world the years are more volatile and unusual, the United China has had great success in the proposed regulations, international laws to ensure human rights for all people on earth, join to resolve conflicts, implement activities to preserve as well as peace mediation work.

However, Mr Ban Ki-moon acknowledged the emerging hot spots around the world in recent years shows that the United Nations should continue with the reforms and adjustments to be able to pursue the ultimate goal which is to assist all nations on earth. UN Secretary-General said that the UN Security Council, the Finance Agency and some organizations or agencies mechanism set up to handle the economic crisis is a institution that the UN must reform.

The UN Secretary General also raised concerns about the bloody conflicts taking place in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan … He stressed: “The international community through the mechanisms of international law must do everything to stop and prevent violence”. Because violence are robbing lives of countless innocent people in these countries.