Let’s discover exciting restaurants in the world

Treepoddining, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand: Come here, tourists will enjoy the meals, which are served at the bamboo–making restaurant and hung on the tree. This restaurant is a great place to watch the white sand beaches while enjoying the glass of wines.


Snow Castle Restaurants, Kemi, Finland: Kemi is very proud because they built the biggest snow castle in the world, the temperature inside the restaurant is about 5 degrees C. In cold air, you can enjoy many delicious dishes here.


Kayabukiya tavern Restaurant, Japan: Instead of the waiter and waitress as usual, monkeys are servants in this restaurant.


Restaurants Fangweng, Yichang, China: Dangling hundreds of meters above Yangtze River, this restaurant is built in a cave and only suitable for those who are not afraid of heights.


Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines: Enjoying a meal at a waterfall is an interesting thing. When you come to Labassin Waterfall, you will enjoy many traditional cuisines in a natural space and cold water.