Introduction about university of Vermont (US)

University of Vermont (UVM) is a leading university in the United States. It is known for its reputation for courses in Business, Health, Biology, Environment, Engineering and many other fields…


Founded in 1791, UVM is the 5th oldest university in New England (after Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown). The reputation and standing of the school have attracted a lot of students coming from many countries in the world.


UVM is one of the best universities in US, according to Bloomberh Business Week magazine. It’s the 18th in public universities on courses related to Master of Medicine, Law and Business in America.


Every year, the school spends 192 million for research and training. The school has 1183 teachers with 91% of teacher is PhD and postdoctoral.


UMT campus is located in small and peaceful city of Burlington, which is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in America. Vermont is a great place ensuring a healthy and comprehensive lifestyle for students.


The school has more than 170 clubs and student organizations attracting nearly 80% of students. At school, there are diverse sports activities such as: basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, skiing…