India spends $ 3 billion purchasing US helicopters

On September 28, Business Standard newspaper reported that India and the US signed a sales contract worth $ 3 billion, including 22 AH-64E Apache combat helicopters and 15 helicopters of heavy transport CH-47F Chinook.


AH-64E Apache helicopter. Photo: AP.

The spokesman of Indian Defense Ministry, Sitanshu Kar said: “Both two countries have signed a sales contract. Followed that, India will buy 15 models of Chinook helicopters and 22 models of Apache helicopters from US”

Security Committee of the Cabinet of India, which is an major agency, is responsible for the acquisition of foreign weapons and headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He approved a plan to buy amount of helicopters above last week.

This decision is adopted in the last time due to disagreements between the parties on the commitments from the US side. Accordingly, India requires the sellers of weapons must invest an amount in the contract for this country. Therefore, the current contract is expected to have 30% of “offset” to meet the requirements of India.

This means that the US will support India to develop domestic helicopter models. Indian Dynamatics Technologies Limited company is willing to develop parts of the Chinook model in India, including the abdominal part of the aircraft on the initiative “Make in India,” the Indian Prime Minister Modi launched recently.

Also according to the Business Standard, new two contracts were signed as “direct commercial agreement“. Accordingly, the US will sell to India the CH-47F Chinook model and 22 AH-64E Apache without including the engine, as well as the stages of support such as equipment maintenance.

AH-64E Apache model will include missiles 812 AGM-114L-3 Hellfire Longbow, 11 4R-3 Hellfire-II,  245 Stinger Block I-92H as well as system raddar.

In addition, the contract also has a clause allowing India to buy 11 pieces of Apache and 7 models of Chinook. It is expected that the transfer process will be completed in about 3 years.