Home remedies to treat cough for kids

Cough is a common disorder in children. Causes of cough can be caused by illness or by external intervention, let them go to the doctor to confirm exact causes is the best way, but you can also use treatment ways for coughing baby at home that we share below to reduce cough for children.


External causes make kids cough

  • sleep immediately after eating.
  • children have fun running around too much.
  • Using folk remedies to help ease some cough as using male papaya flowers, flower indenture, shiso leaves, brown sugar and place a bowl, pour boiling water at boiling water as long as possible. Every day for ½ teaspoon, carefully position so that children drink no choking, vomiting. Also you can use lemon basil leaf is jinx of cough. Cranberry lemon basil plus added vitamins drunk machine, add a little brown sugar and steamed for 20 minutes. Drink daily for 1 to 2 times until the coughing. These are very effective cough treatments and benign.
  • If children eat, let’s eat at least 1 hour before sleep. If younger than 1 year of age, give your child a warm drink 1 tablespoon honey will work very well as restrict cough or coughing. Besides helping children sleep better. Take 1 teaspoon of raw honey for sucking the tongue young children and swallowed slowly or you can mix honey with warm water and give children drinking.
  • As for sleep, place a pillow so that the head and shoulders higher viscous sputum or relatives will not run water down the nose and throat. Winter to keep warm for uninfected children cold, summer should give you a cool place to sleep, do not let children sweating also causes colds young that leads to coughing.
  • Coughs much, give your child to drink plenty of water, eat gruel. Avoid foods such as shrimp, crab will make your child more cough.
  • If the child was coughing, but not more than 5 nights from using methods that do not show off the tutoring shortness of breath, abdominal pain, runny nose, crying would be best for the child to see a doctor immediately. Absolutely not for children taking the medicines without a doctor’s consent.