Discover resort paradise between the sea

Located between the beautiful Caribbean and surrounded by emerald green waters, Dunbar Rock resort is known as a paradise between sea. By taking a boat or helicopter, you can come here easily.


Dunbar Rock resort gives visitors a sense of close harmony with nature while located in the Caribbean Sea. With the area of ​​approximately 1350 square meters spread over 4 floors, the resort is located approximately 71 km in the north shore of Honduras. It includes infinity pools, bars.


Come to Dunbar Rock resort, tourists have not been isolated or trapped. Come here, you can swim in the infinity pools. If you want, the resort staff can arrange to take you to explore Guanaja Islands, which has waterfalls, sea kayaking, restaurants and fishing.


This resort is a great place for guests to stay in groups. Dunbar Rock resort has a total of 8 bedrooms with a capacity for 18 guests. If you want to diving, coach Padi will accompany you and guide tourists to discover the coral reefs in Guanaja.


The resort has a diving center with modern equipment and submersibles. Reportedly, the island’s employer spent about $ 10 million to turn resort into to paradise. In addition, Dunbar Rock resort has also a private chef, serves guests with many delicious and eye-catching local dishes.


It is known that tourists have to spend about 1952 USD /person for 7 nights living here, which includes the cost of diving.


Bedrooms are designed in simple and gentle style.


Services include a full-package diving.