Bombs exploded as a terrorist attack in China

The consecutive blasts have occurred in 17 locations scattered in Guangxi autonomous Region, including railway stations and hospitals causing 7 dead. Police called it as an act of terrorism.


At least 7 people were killed and dozens of others people injured in 17 explosions in Lieu Thanh District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi, China. Police are defending 60 suspected parcel containing explosives that people notice after a series of bombings.


Local residents said the explosion occurred form 15:30 to 17 p.m September 30 before the Chinese National Day anniversary. Many houses were knocked out by the blast while vehicles overturned back on the streets.

Local police, firefighters and quick reaction forces were mobilized to the scene.

Authorities confirmed the blasts occurred at commercial centers, jails, district office, supermarket, bus stations, hospitals, dormitories of employees, markets and centers for disease control.


Foreign media said the Chinese authorities have identified one suspect in the bombing. A number of Chinese newspapers also reported that the suspect was determined with the first name is Vi, 33, in Liaocheng district. However, Chinese state media has not confirmed this information.

In recent years, China has faced a series of attacks by knives and bombs against public targets such as markets, train stations, mostly in the country’s western region. Explosive is quite popular in this country because it is widely used in mining technology.