Attraction of Lumia fell sharply in Vietnam

Recent statistics show that smartphone from Microsoft (former is Nokia) is losing attraction in Vietnam market, because turnover decreases dramatically.

According to the market report on mobile devices in the middle of 2015 of the IDC, turnover of saling Microsoft’s Lumia smartphone accounted for only 13%, decrease 11% from 24% during the first quarter.


Turnover and revenue decrease. US technology companies have also been knocked off in the top 3 smartphone brands that have highest turnover in Vietnam by Asus. Currently, Samsung, Apple, Asus’s are 3 market-leading brands. In which, Asus has unleashed a storm through the surprising growth from 2% to 11% in the second quarter.

Vo Le Tam Thanh, a market analyst of IDC said that lower revenue of Lumia in the second quarter also view the appeal of this brand is declining. While Asus has launched a breakthrough thanks to a series of samples Zenfone 2 with affordable prices, covering the upper segment and the mid – range.

According to statistics from FPT Shop and World of Mobiletwo major retailers in Vietnam, top 10 best -selling smartphones in the second quarter of 2015 only just view “bright spots” is Lumia 730 in April when this model is reduced sale price. Statistics of May and June are missing Lumia models from Microsoft.