Admiring “island of paradise” of the world’s leading magician

David Copperfield, a world’s leading magician and is also one of the richest man in America. He spent $ 50 million to buy a private island. If tourists want to enjoy a complete holiday in this island, they have to spend nearly 1.2 billion.


As one of the world’s richest man, David Copperfield spend huge amounts of money investing in real estate. Musha Cay is one of the famous island owned by him. This island is located in the south of the Bahamas.


David Copperfield invested about $ 40 million to renovate this Musha Cay island, he considered  it as “the most magical destination in the world”. Besides, he also owns 10 other islands, forming an archipelago. So far, these islands are called with the name: Copperfield Bay.


This Musha Cay island has welcomed many VIP guests in the world such as: Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey (a TV queen) or Johnny Depp. Musha Cay is designed fully equipment with outdoor theater, private speedboat, benches on the beach to meet two demands: relaxation and adventure for tourists.


Musha Cay is a main island, which is one of the 11 islands in the possession of David Copperfield. Meanwhile, Copperfield Bay includes 40 private beaches.


Musha Cay island has a cool climate all year, an average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius with relatively pristine space and have not been contaminated. To spend a night of rest here, visitors have to spend $ 57,000 / per night.