Admiring 6 works “incredible” on high cliffs

Mach Tinh Son cave (China)


This is a cave carved into the cliffs forming the priceless statues and paintings of Buddhist in China.

Built at the height of 30-70 meters from the ground, MachTinh Son cave includes 3 large Buddha statues and wooden staircase connecting to gate cave. Now it has been replaced by metal materials.

Katskhi Cathedral (Georgia)


This church lies on a stone pillar with the height of 40 m and it looks like a giant mace.

In the 4th century, Georgia chose Christianity as a state religion, Katskhi Cathedral became the first church in the 7th century.

Cliff tunnel (China)


This tunnel is 1.2km in length through the cliff, were dug within 5 years to facilitate for people traveling around mountains.

Come here, Guests can experience the feeling of climbing stairs at the height of 90 m and a taste of “the wind whipped in the face” from the top of mountain.

Castellfollit de la Roca Town (Spain)


This town is 1.2km in width, there are about 1,000 people living here.This town includes many buildings hanging over basalt cliffs over 50m in height and stretches about 1km.

Small town is located on a cliff protruding and surrounded by the confluence of the two rivers Fluvia and Toronell. With special location and stunning natural scenery, Castellfollit de la Roca village always becomes one of the ideal destinations of photographers and tourists from around the world.

Aragonese Castle (Italy)


Aragonese Castle is an ancient fortress, which was built from the 14th to the 17th century, on a volcanic rock and are surrounded by sea water.

They are camouflaged perfectly with the dark jagged rocks and form a closed garden with small streets full of fascinating scenery. 

The town of Bonifacio (France)


The town of Bonifacio consists of houses built along the cliff at the height of 70m above the sea.

The vertical cliffs make great scenery but also make viewers shudder.