Admire the beautiful pink beaches in the world

Elafonisi Beach, Crete – Greece: Elafonisi Beach is a nature reserve located in the southeast of Crete island, Greece. Elafonisi is a rare peaceful beach with pink sands and light blue water.


Spiaggia Rosa pink sand beaches; Budelli, Italy is one of the islands belongs to Maddalena archipelago, in the northeast of Sardinia, Italy. This place is known as a work of art with beautiful landscape. 


Komodo Pink Beach – Indonesia: Komodo is one of about 17 508 islands of Indonesia. This island has an area of ​​about 390 km² and over 2,000 people live here. Especially, long beaches with unique pink sand will give you unforgettable experiences.


Horseshoe Bay Beach – Bermuda: Horseshoe Bay is one of the romantic pink beaches in Bermuda. Located in Southampton, this beach is known as a result of crushed seashells, coral and calcium.


Great Santa Cruz Pink Beach – Philippines: Great Santa Cruz Beach is a mixture of powder white sand and red coral from the sea. Some places here still retain its original beauty. However, the security here is not good.


Tangsi Sea, Lombok, Indonesia: Tangsi beach is also known with the name “Red beach, is one of two unique beaches in Indonesia. This pink sand beach is made up of coral.