7 romantic and expensive destinations for honeymoon

Choosing places for honeymoon is important to help couples record the sweetest moments. 7 places for honeymoon below can make you stunned.

Honeymoon has become one of the exciting plans that newly married couples can not be ignored. However, this may also be the time that couples have to spend considerable expenditure.

  1. Maldives


This is one of the most expensive destinations for honeymoon in the world. Coming here, you will live in hotels located on the water timber, rove on the beautiful white sand beaches, submerged under the waters with turquoise to view coral and eat delicious foods.

  1. Cyclades (Greece)


Located in the south of Athens, Cyclades have over 2,000 beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. Here, you can enjoy the classic atmosphere in the blue dome buildings, stunning ocean views and experience a vibrant nightlife. There are also volcanic island of Santorini with many vivid colors. These cliffs are one of the main places that couples can visit it at sunset.

  1. Bora Bora


Bora Bora is a beautiful volcanic island, which is often compared with Maldives. Like the Maldives, most of the resorts are built on the water. The surrounding landscape are coconut beaches and turquoise waters.

The honeymoon of the couple will be very memorable with popular activities such as scuba diving and traveling in a jeep.

  1. Fiji

Fiji is an island with over 300 beautiful islands, which is located in the South of Pacific and lies in the list of the ideal destinations for honeymoon.


Come here, you can enjoy everything from biking to parachuting, join many tours by helicopter. These activities mean that you can experience Fiji in many different spaces.

  1. Tuscany


Located on Tyrrhenian coast of Italia, Tuscany has many hills, quaint villages and it can help you enjoy many types of good wine. All of these factors make Tuscany become one of the world’s romantic places for honeymoon. However, this is a super expensive place for any visitors.

  1. Kauai

Located in the most famous four islands of Hawaii, Kauai is the smallest island but most developed. This is considered as the most beautiful island here. That is why this island has often more expensive price than other places.


Kauai attracts visitors by majestic and wild green hills. This beauty has been appeared in films like “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Jurassic Park” and the version of “King Kong” in 2005.

  1. British Virgin Islands


Located in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands is known as a expensive place for honeymoon. However, visitors can participate in activities on the boat. This island also has many interesting values ​​of the local culture and serves tourists with many fresh and delicious seafoods.