Putin called on the world to join hands kill IS

On September 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for to form a “coordinating structure” area to prevent the growth of IS. Besides, he also reaffirmed to support for government of Syrian President Bashar al – Assad.


This statement was made by President Putin ​​in an interview with the program 60 minutes of CBS station, US on September 27.

The head of the Kremlin confirmed the troops of President Bashar al-Assad’s “army usually only legal at that.” He said that the soldiers were fighting against the terrorist organizations, and Russia ‘willing to seek common ground for a mixed action against the terrorists “.

However, the Russian president also confirmed that there are no plans to deploy combat units on the battlefield Syria, despite the enhanced information on the presence of Russian forces there.

“Russia will not participate in any campaigns in Syria or in the territory of another country. At least, we do not have such plans at the moment, “Mr Putin said and asserted that Russia will strengthen its military presence in Syria to support the government of President Assad in the fight against terrorism.

It is expected that during the meeting at the UN on Thursday (September 28), Putin will have a discussion with US President Barack Obama about the situation of Syria. This will also be one of the important contents in the agenda of the UN General Assembly.

Russia unexpectedly strengthened presence in Syria to support the government of President Assad, as well as the crisis is spreading migrants from the Middle East to Europe has led the efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis is getting attention.

Putin asserted that international efforts against IS should have the participation of Damascus, which the US and the West have rejected up to now.

“There is no other way to solve the Syrian crisis except reinforce the legal existence of the government agency to assist them in combating terrorism,” Putin stressed. “There are more than 2,000 gunmen in Syria come from the former Soviet Union countries. Instead of waiting for them back home, we need to support President al-Assad to fight against them at Syria “.

According to the UN, more than 250,000 people were killed after four years of conflict in Syria. Meanwhile, critics are urging President Barack Obama to more assertive in the Middle East and Syria, with the argument that the ambiguity in the policies of Washington that IS has a chance to continue expanding.