Discover paradise island of Maldives

In this autumn, you should go to “paradise island of Maldives‘ to have a truly meaningful trip with your lover or family and experience the most wonderful things in this beautiful island.


Paradise island of Maldives is located in the south of India. Twenty-six atolls of Maldives include 1,192 small islands, there are local communities living in roughly 200 of these islands.

Maldives is seen as a paradise for resort. This is a great place for the “honeymoon week” full of dreaming of youth people. Here, you can enjoy full emotion of wild and exotic charm to the wonderful colors of the sea, islands, nature, foods and many luxurious resorts along the beach.


This is also the world’s lowest island, 80% of the islands are less than 1 meter compared to sea level. There are predictions within 100 years from now that the Maldives will be only a paradise in the past because of being submerged in sea.